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released November 19, 2014


ROBERT VAN SADERS - Drums on tracks 1, 2, 4, 11, 10
TERRY MOORE - Drums on 3, 6, 7, 8, 9
FACE YU: Keys on 6, 7, 9
NICKI CALFEE: Vocals on 2, 7
ELIJAH MILLER: Vocals on 2, 10
MASSIMO SAMMI: Guitar on 2, 3
DAVID ABBOTT PALATSI: Backing vocals on 7, 10
ASHLEY MICHAEL BIRD: Lead vocal on 10
GIZEM GOKOGLU: Backing vocals on 10
SHANNA LOCKLAIR MCRAE: Backing vocals on 10
ELIZABETH WRIGHT: Backing vocals on 2

at Avatar Recording (NYC), Grand Street, Flood Studios, Sandbox Studios (BK), & Lake Toxic (NC)


MIXED by BOB MALLORY at Tiny Quarters
except tracks 5 & 6 by S. KAISER at Sandbox Studios

MASTERED by GERRY PUTNAM at Cedarhouse Sound

All MUSIC & LYRICS by S. KAISER (BMI) © 2014
except track 10 -
LYRICS by S. KAISER © 2014


Beyond grateful to David, Nicki, Terry, Rob, Face, Ashley, Elijah, Massimo, Gizem, Shanna, & Gerry for lending their talent to this album and an extra special tip of the hat to Bob for offering his ears, wisdom, & patience.

Many thanks to Karina, Ricardo, Ione, Kara, Jan, Lisa, J.P., Jacie, Evan, Ali, Taylor, Megan, Kate, Brittney, Kima, Sarah, Biff, Jacquie, Steve, Joseph, Scott, Autumn, Jamie, Frank Hill, Ha Ha Tonka, Aaron Moore, Chris Pettoni, Sonny Kompanek, Mark Suozzo, Kris Hoogenstryd, Tom Tapley, Jeff Calder, Nick Didia, Brendan O' Brien, Sal Gentile, BIlly Corgan, Jimmy Chamberlin, Ernest Hemingway, Occupy Wall Street, Two Little Red Hens Bakery, NYC, and my incredible family for all the support/ideas/inspiration that went into making this record. Means a lot.

Lyrics & more at



all rights reserved


Children Having Children Brooklyn, New York

Steeped in equal parts rock, alternative, and post-everything, then stirred with orchestral ambitions and sweetened with noise, CHC likes to do as they please in an attempt to pay homage to the legacy of great songwriting.

Their debut album Mice is out now following two critically-inflamed EPs.

Guitar/Vocals: Steven Kaiser
Drums: Matthew Lauritsen
Keys: Ryan Deeter
Bass: Matt Heymann.
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Track Name: Redheads
Greedy like a dream
Of redheads slightly shaken
Well-bred and stirring
Instead of awakening the brute
Leave a note by the window
And come dance with me
Awaiting the discoverer's dismay
I've been lost in the fable
Just stepped out to see
If you could bring it to fruition
And come dance with me
Bring it to fruition and dance with me
Greedy like a dream

Have you a ring for every finger?
Take one off for me
Greedy is the dream
That wakes up in the cold sweat of fertility
I lay it all on the table and pray
Though I pay for it now
Someday they'll beg for me
And I'll blame it all on the redheads who won't recede
Blame it all on the redheads who won't recede
From an etching of life as it was meant to be
A shallow reflection for posterity
Of what the hand reveals as the heart concedes
Bring it to fruition and dance with me
Greedy like a dream
Track Name: Someone Without
Come Katherine, run with me
From the race, from the estate
Just past the river run
With me into the aging sun
Seared to my last decree,
I still want someone without a guarantee

Maybe a little later then
Katherine, keep warm in the hearts of men
Until they're done with me
Thy will be strung above the glorious sun
To be seared in doubt like someone without
You will because you must

Katherine, I cannot bear their screams
Track Name: Duckling
You come and you go
Impress and oppose
Approach me in that moment
You'll come and you'll go until the thrill is won

All of the facts and little fictions come through
In the littlest of you
In the littlest of me I wish it unto thee
The pleasure and pain returned me
Into the arms agreed
I nearly lost my finger in the mouth of need

Uninjured, unanswered
Still anyone's dancer
Still a complete misconception of thee
My beautiful baby

And so I run 'til I cannot
Write your name in cursive plain
A quiet mind, a fickle snout
Leads me 'round to a broader sense of doubt
I could have given everything
But only once
To bend a life between the silence and the silencing
I'd have given anything

All my sentiments shed, I slip into your bed
But do you suppose I could crawl across
Into the arms of loss
Deaf to the creaking of its bones
It costs less to be lost than to be received
I grieve in the water where my duckling drowned
Drink it down

Make haste
The staircase descends into a second chance
And what could the day bring
But a trickle from tomorrow's trance
Bowing low before the wind
The wind's advance
Track Name: Abalone
God damn my blood runs red
But I cannot obey
Of brick and mortar
They build me up
Give me shape

The sphinx contends
You've always been
A pretty tall glass of water
Rose like the tidal daughter
And played to my strengths
But I have seen these oceans end
In abalone tangents

The only witness to this holy conversation
Has left the stage
Just cleared the frame
He speaks so slowly
We peaked so low
Might not matter if he knows

Who goes with when you move on?
Thus spake all your vagabonds
This obligatory pawn
Need never wonder why
The shell informs a lone reply
With hungry heart and serpent sigh

The only witness to this holy conversation…
His hands are tied
His tongue is dry
His lips are cold

This little oyster world of mine
Sinks into the turpentine
To withhold its pearled divine
Track Name: Corner Store
You began to look suspicious as the days slipped out of sequence
So I deterred the bribe and brushed aside the royal treatment
A point of pride that's still in constant need of mending
I could have just as easily been famous for pretending
Though a snapshot with the victims tends to get a great response
It's no use being righteous now that everything is wrong

You rob me like a corner store, whatever you can get to
Until you strike again...well, I'm the one who lets you
The sentinels take it easy but the bandits get it cheap
And in the end, well, I suppose so do the sheep
Who had me followed while my lions tagged along
What good is a compass if the voyage is foregone?

I gambled on myself and lost
And when my will had been exhausted
I wagered all my fairy tales and precious souvenirs
A little slower than I ought, a little faster than I'd feared
The day would come to trade this brilliance in for brawn
I tried to up the ante but everything was gone

Turns out I was just another player in the con
I have it on authority from whistles blown beyond
And just when I'd convinced myself your heart was not a bomb
You lit it up and smoked me out, then ordered me to stay calm
Track Name: Wishbone
Head slow admits what stomach insists
For once they've agreed, for once they've agreed
Lips quick to frost, all causes are lost
Too soon swept away, so briefly concede

Iris empowered, watches a coward
Emerge from the fleet, a merchant of raw defeat
To be outgrown, I'll walk you home
A servant 'til the end, in search of our marquee

Start from scratch, claw your way back
No worse for the wear of themes and degrees
Within the skin, we are shifting again against
Dirt and debris, that's no small relief
It's the nature of retreat

Yours in service

Lest we aggravate the queen of all my castles
Every hassle, every sound
I tell her every room is warm except for this one
Only aggravates the queen of all my castles
When the sunset isn't bound
To be improved in my deference to you

Approach the throne with all that I own
To lay it at your feet, a wishbone released
Don't get up to say goodbye
It's all the same to me

A wishbone released
Track Name: Permission
The candle does you justice
Flickering, it dazzles me to death
Hovering above us with its orphans
By candlelight impressed

So we take the river backwards
Not burdened by the surface or the sting of transition
If this could be invented
I would never intervene with expectations

Just the patience of a saint…I have no station
Frozen at the road that is bending to you
I'm asking for your permission to move
Your permission to move

Improving through the thin drift of your vagaries
Preparing for a game i'll never play
With your permission to stay
Your permission to bruise
Your permission to prove

Deny me where I can't demand it

The rest I take for granted
Forever reprimanded and relieved
Of the services still keeping me
Nervous as I flee from the unmentioned

This is a different kind of tension
Shivering against my lofty needs
For permission to grieve
For permission to leave
For permission to move
Mounting and counting down
For your permission to move
For permission
Track Name: Mice
Ripping the ribbon from my clumsy paw
Hey, long arms of the law, don't leave me reaching
And don't forget the double knot
As we're accident prone
I would hate to be alone with my ineptitude and debt
Another gift that wasn't mine to give
In a bind, I take my time
I know someday we'll have to live
Like mice

The setting sun hones in on you
And you were melted, I felt, unfairly
But it's just not done the way we do
They're living proof…but barely
We're more like mice
Like mice

When the curse comes for all intents
And purposes my pain is not the greater
Their pockets are empty
That much I understand
So what's another couple grand
If we get to treat them
Like mice

I've already found a new place to stay
All my terror's in the tangible, a blackness etched in gray
Another gift that wasn't mine to give
If the mice get in, we'll have to find some other way to live
The mice
Track Name: The Early Signs Of A Conscience Closing
And there's my little one, alive in front of me
At last the candle does its dance upon her cheek
Half an urge to bloom now, I neglect the early signs
A conscience closing undetected, ill-defined

They told me I was born on the first day of January
Nothing came before
They tell me I was warm
But it's winter and I'm wilting now
Like I was such a flower before
A flower before
Where were you on the night…?
In a new light

I chase the cruelty of my sons to the bridge and back
My dreams undone
I am not the dark, I am the midnight
Little mouse, come out now
Come alive in front of me

Grant me amnesia, strip me of my crows
You'll find forgiveness in the ash of my woes
Don't spread your bitterness across my grin
I've no suggestion for the reeling within
Don't interrupt me while I'm pissing on the poor
Because I'm not concerned, not anymore

I've grown pockets where I once had seams
Shoulders where I kept my wings
Bile where I tasted cream
And how I yearn to be your husband in this sickness
A brother to the ruthless
But I am the prince of my own poisonous gifts
And how they've kept it all alive in front of me
Track Name: Calm Upon Storm
Whenever the thunder gets closer
Moves in, draws on
Alice turns over
Bracing for the bomb

I never ask, you never offer
Just head for the water
With scattered hopes and idle chatter
You ask me what it matters now

We can't keep leaving
The same hearts out to dry again and again
To take the beating
While you fend for something obsolete
Well, I'd best keep reaching
To render something incomplete

The tangled tides of you
Reveal what I deny 'til I'm blue
In the face, in the nude
I waste all my mistakes on you
Like a calm upon the storm

Though the clouds have shaded our blinding ambition
It never hurts to know you're listening
I am the candle to your chandelier
The sole admission
It's dark enough to disappear

In the tangled tides of you
(I need you in the strangest ways)
I'm lost 'til I arrive, renewed
I no longer care if it's true
(I need you in the strangest ways)
I wasted my escape on you
Like a calm upon the storm
Track Name: Goodbye Reindeer
Goodbye reindeer
Is it sad to say these eyes
Aren't heavy with tears?

The odds unwound
Now weigh them down and how
To yield fortune's frontier

I climb aboard
What you prolong
This sweet and silent premiere

But if you like the stakes
Go take your chances on the lake
I'll leave mine right here

Right there as an infant in the mud

We'll name him Miles
This imitation of a child
Arrested by fear

But we can't shake off
These limitations of the cloth
To which we adhere

I labored long
But the flavors were too strong
All the spirits severe

Severed by the spectacles of love

I lost this year
To sympathy and fear
To love and restraint

What weighs us down
Just gets harder to protest
Pressed for time and success

Goodbye reindeer
It's sad to say these eyes
Aren't heavy with tears

Swept clear of collision by the flood

I didn't know what to show you
I don't know how to grow
Like removing a bandage
Appears to have healed
But is it still really you?

I tried to vanish in the heat tonight
Track Name: Kitten
Get ye down from that place
And into the sands
Of this ever-hungry heart
My insatiable hands perspire
From the fiery locks
Snapping this old rubber band
To the same conclusion

It's not as though the proof was in our footing
A two-step tribute to the elders or a pantomime of youth?
It's good to know the truth is where we left it
Like a splinter in the echelons aloof

It's good to hear the truth

So sorry to ignore your invitation
I finally got a handle on my age
Only to lose it in the headlights
Enraged while they were brandishing their loot
Like an antidote for youth

It's good to hear the truth